6 Fun (and Cheap) Things to do this Winter

  1. If you have the equipment, go winter camping. If that’s too ambitious, check out your state parks for cabin or yurt rentals. Once you’re there, go on beautiful winter hikes (afterward, a cozy fire is definitely in order).

  2. Go on a winter picnic. Take blankets, sandwiches and hot soup in a thermos. This might give some cheap date ideas for couples as well.

  3. Go ice fishing. Now, this isn't exactly cheap, but it is something everyone should try! Ice fishing methods have drastically evolved over decades. The name of the game today is mobility for modern ice anglers. The days of drilling hole, waiting and hoping that a fish will swim by, are starting to fade. With light gear, battery-operated sonar units, and fast and powered augers, an angler can conceivably drill and check hundreds of holes in a single day.

  4. Go cross-country skiing. This for anyone not familiar with the sport. Is when skiers rely on themselves to move over large snowy distances rather than using a ski lift. If you are trying to burn some serious calories and sightsee, look no further. Cross-Country skiing does both!  

  5. Go sledding. Want an activity you can do with people of all age groups. Well, it looks like it's time to pull out the old bobsled and hit the slopes! Sledding in our family has always been a time full of laugh and wipeouts! 

  6. Go snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is a form of hiking. People wear shoeshoes on their feet which distribute the person's weight over a much larger surface so the person's foot doesn't sink into the snow. 

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