5 things to bring on your next winter adventure!


5 Things to bring on your next Winter Adventure

1. Backpack 

You're going to need at least a 30-40 liter backpack with side compression straps or a shovel pocket for attaching snowshoes and microspikes to the pack. This is because you will be carrying more gear, clothes, and snacks than any other time of year. Preferably on with extra webbing straps as needed for attaching more gear. Tactical Outdoors Gear has a great Tactical Backpack for winter hikes. 

2. High Energy Snacks

People who hiked in temperatures of 15 to 23 degrees burned 34 percent more calories than those who hiked in comfortable mid-50s weather, a study from the University at Albany in New York found. This is because your body needs more calories to keep your internal temperature stable. Bring plenty of high-calorie snacks to keep your body at peak performance! 

3. Facemasks 

For above treeline hiking, your biggest priorities are extra wind protection for your face and extra traction to prevent uncontrolled slides on ice and snow. The easiest way to protect your face is to use a Balaclava with a fully integrated facemask. Tactical Outdoors Gear has a great 6 in 1 Thermal Balaclava. 


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 4. Hard Shell Pants

Hard shell pants are completely windproof and waterproof. Many people find it helpful to use pants that have full zips along the sides to help vent extra heat while hiking and because you can put them on or take them off without having to take off your boots.

5. Thermos 

Hydration reservoir hoses from camelbaks freeze very easily in cold temperatures, so it’s best to carry two or three 1-liter wide-mouth thermos's on winter hikes, since narrow mouth bottles also freeze shut more easily. Tactical Outdoors Gear has a Stainless Steel Vaccum Insulated Thermos  

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We hope this helps you on your next winter adventure! Stay warm and keep exploring!