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When The Power Goes Out: Illuminate Your Entire Home, Yard!

The Brightest LED Light When and Where You Need It

Don’t Get Stuck In The Dark

Dear Reader,

By now you are probably aware of just how powerful the Revere Solar Lantern is - but if you are not, allow me to enlighten you (see what I did there).

Steel River designed the Revere LED Lantern to be the perfect companion for night time activities. Its internal batter can hold up to 6 hours of charge to keep its LED bulbs (all 32 of them) shining bright. But what really stands the Revere Lantern in a class of its own is its ability to charge in multiple ways - let me explain

The Revere Lantern can be charged by its solar panel on the top of its hood, but that hardly stands it apart from its competitors..

A Hand Crank Generator was also integrated into the base of the Lantern - allowing for quick and immediate power to be charged into the battery. In addition, the Revere Lantern can also be charged from the wall or from the power outlet in your car - making this one of the most convenient lanterns you can find.

But The Revere isn't finished there...

It also has the ability to charge your USB devices!

For this limited time offer, you can get the Amazing Revere LED Lanterns.

Order today and I will have it rush shipped to your door.

Imagine, never having to worry about the power going out again!

Revere LED Solar Lantern

The Revere LED Solar Lantern

  • Manufacturer: Steel River
  • Lighting Source: 36 LED Bulbs
  • Charging Source: Solar Panel, Hand Crank, 12v Car Adapter, Wall Adapter
  • Power Output: USB Device Charging Port (micro USB Adapter Included)

No night is too dark for the Revere Solar Lantern. The 36 LED bulbs pierce through the darkness and illuminate your campsite, backyard bbq, or the family room - when the power goes out

  • Whether heavy winds, rain, snow or ice - The Revere Solar Lantern is ready to use at a moments notice at the push of a button
  • Leave the lantern in view of the sun to keep a full charge (up to 6 hours of illumination) - and in a bind, give an extra charge with the integrated hand crank
  • Give your USB devices an extra kick with the built-in USB charger. Our devices aren't bricked just because the lights go out - keep them going with a charge from your Revere Solar Lantern's USB Charger

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Here's How It Works: When you order this amazing - limited offer, take them out and really put them to use. If you find that you are not completely satisfied - just send it back, and I will personally guarantee that you will get a complete refund of the purchase price. That is my guarantee to you - no hassles, no forms, no problems at all. Just your 100% Satisfaction.

How can I afford to be so generous? Easy - since our founding, we've found that giving folks like yourself the highest quality products in the world will only make you want to come back time and time again.

It’s all waiting here for you. No risk. Every penny back, promptly, if you’re not happy, no need to explain no questions asked. And…

The Revere Lanterns are manufactured with such craftsmanship and care that they comes with an IRON CLAD guarantee -

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Editor-in-Chief, Tactical Outdoors