(THREE PACK DISCOUNT) 3 in 1 - LED Flashlight, Music Speaker, and Power Bank

(THREE PACK DISCOUNT) 3 in 1 - LED Flashlight, Music Speaker, and Power Bank


The Absolute COOLEST Gift This Holiday Season!

This brand new device combines 3 features in 1 and is sure to make anyone fall in love with it instantly:

1. LED Flashlight
Very useful for safety and finding things at night, the LED flashlight can last over 80 hours on a single charge. Mounted to your bicycle with the FREE included mount, this is the perfect way to be safe during night time bike rides.

2. Music Speaker
Can play music via AUX cord, Bluetooth, and SD card -- it even works as an FM radio as well! The sound quality is shockingly good, and at full blast, this thing can get LOUD. For a fairly small device, it packs quite a bunch. Music capability is around 24 hours on a single charge.

3. Power Bank
4000mah of power that can charge almost any device, from you cell phone, to your digital camera, GPS, etc. This is an excellent feature to have especially during emergencies where having your cellphone is important for safety reasons. Also, is your digital camera, GoPro, GPS or any other mobile device about to die? Not a problem! This baby can charge almost anything.

While this product is sure to impress anyone with its variety of features delivered at an excellent price, perhaps one of the coolest features it's appeal for bicyclist - with the FREE included mount, it mounts onto any bike in seconds!

Don't worry about getting it wet either - it's water resistant.

Please note that this item is NOT available in stores, you can only get it online and supply is limited. If you reach checkout in your cart and it says we're out of stock, please try again shorty. We are selling a lot of these and are doing our best to keep stock during the Holidays.

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